Trailblazer Apprenticeships and NVQs are an exciting opportunity for employers to upskill their existing staff or grow their workforce - with no limitation on the candidate's age, meaning more training for more people.

With several different funding models, there will be an opportunity for any company in the UK to take advantage of this fantastic new training scheme. Employers have been given the opportunity to shape the future of the vocational pathway, to ensure qualifications are 100% relevant to their skills needs. As an approved Trailblazer Training Provider, ARC Academy are at the forefront of the newly emerging supply chain and know how to maximise the returns for both candidates and employers.
Trailblazer Apprenticeships and NVQs aim to:
  • Give employers control in designing the qualification pathway
  • Increase the flexibility of delivery
  • Simplify the funding system
  • Increase the effectiveness of training
  • Be linked to a specific occupational level
  • Respond to employers' needs, ensuring that qualifications are high quality, rigorous and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour required for a specific job role
Firstly, we must work with the right companies – whether they be in the Rail, Construction, Civils or Highways industries. They should be a company that pays its staff on PAYE.  We should be able to bring their training costs to almost zero…..
These companies should really be wanting their workforce to be on the NVQ2 Trailblazer because, the way it is going, they will need a competency qualification to show they are not just passing courses but know the job they are doing. Prime Contractors – increasingly - are demanding NVQ2 competent staff. We wouldn’t be surprised if this prerequisite became mandatory in the not too distant future. For companies looking to supply labour to these contractors on projects like Hinkley Point and HS2 or for CP6 they will increasingly find non-certificated staff being overlooked by candidates who already hold or are working their way towards achieving their NVQ2 qualification.
  • For us to be able to look after a company’s safety training matrix we need them to be committed to the program for a minimum 12-month period.
  • We get funded by delivering the Framework/Standard which is:
  • NVQ2 in Rail Maintenance/Construction/Plant/Highways 
  • Level 2 BTEC In Rail Maintenance/Construction/Plant/Highways
  • Level 1 or 2 Functional skills (English & Maths) one-day course
We must have access to the men on site every month and have time out to complete the BTEC off-site over the year.
  • We will cover all your upskilling and recertification courses covered in the appendix. 
  • ARC will run your Matrix so we can inform clients of any recertification’s needed.
  • We will train any Safety Critical courses/assessments that we are accredited to deliver along with Small Tools, Plant or Highways courses. 
  • There will be full time trainers in Cardiff, Stratford (London) and Derby that you can use for covering all your training. They will be assigned and dedicated to just our Trailblazer.
  • We run Trailblazers with a separate management team to coordinate the training and delivery of the program. You will have one point of contact that deals with everything for you.
Your Contact Is: April Gilson
Phone: 01443 693431 (Option 4)
Mobile: 07823 351263


ARC // Proud Sponsors of Mountain Ash Town Under 7s

ARC // Proud Sponsors of Mountain Ash Town Under 7s

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