10 Reasons An Apprenticeship Is More Beneficial Than University

10 Reasons An Apprenticeship Is More Beneficial Than University image
  • Money
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    An apprenticeship is a job and just like any other job out there, you’ll be earning a wage. Ok, so it might not be the kind of money your dreaming of, but you’ll be able to actually buy yourself things whilst learning a skill. Think of all those poor undergraduates waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat’s because the bank keeps ringing them about how far into their overdraft’s they are and living on pot noodles and baked beans.
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    Practical work skills
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    You’ll be learning ‘soft’ skills like confidence which is great for employability and as an added bonus, you’ll also be learning practical skills as you go. You will also be learning how valuable a good night’s sleep and being on time can be; something students are not quite as fluent in!
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    On your career path
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    Instead of frantically searching for jobs for hours after you graduate, crying about how you might have possibly wasted 3 or more years of your life on a media studies or fine art degree, you’ll be well on your way to your desired career, instantly.
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    No debt
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    This is a big one. You have no tuition fees, no accommodation fees...no debt. Your employer will not be stealing a chunk of your salary as soon as pay day rolls around each month, and you won’t have to worry about the damage a hefty student loan can do to your credit score and future financial dependencies.
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    Helping support business
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    As an apprentice you’ll be doing your bit to support UK businesses in all kinds of industries. So you’ll be feeling good about giving back to the economy whilst you earn money and learn invaluable new skills. Wins all round!
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    One of the most important skills in any work place. This is not something to overlook and you’ll be meeting key people in your industry which could amazing things for your future. As well as this there is the chance in an apprenticeship to meet friends for life; it’s not just university where these strong bonds are formed!
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    Support on the job
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    You’re an apprentice, you aren’t expected to know all the ins and outs of how the company works straight away. Your fellow colleagues will help you become confident in your role and will be happy to answer any questions throughout so never be afraid to raise any concerns or anxieties you may have.
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    Professional qualifications
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    Many apprenticeships enable you to study for the professional qualifications you’ll need for your desired future career. You’ll probably be doing an apprenticeship in the sector that you want to work in eventually, which is great. It’s that first step in the right direction to learning all the qualifications you need while earning money instead of spending it on a limited number of hours spent in a lecture hall each week!
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    Build your CV
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    You’ll constantly be adding chunks to your CV throughout your time as an apprentice, and not many students are able to say that about their degrees! You’ll be learning new skills day in and day out. You will also find yourself developing as a person. If you usually find yourself shying away from conversation with new people, after a few months as an apprentice you might find you’re more confident then you ever were before.
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    Learning from experts
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    Conversing with experts in the field you desire to work in eventually is a massive perk of an apprenticeship. You’ll be working ‘in the field’ with these experts who really know the ins and outs and the way the sector works. You can ask these experts questions and really get an insight into your role. This offers you a real life understanding of the job rather than a classroom simulation where lecturers are paid to teach you and switch off at the end of a lesson.


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